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A Direct Advertising Agency That Specializes in Lists

If you need email marketing expertise or you just need to buy or rent an email list, a direct mail list or a phone list, then Direct Channel is the right place for you.

We’re an email agency and we also broker all types of mailing lists. As list brokers we go out into the commercial marketplace and purchase the list that meets “your” needs. (Over 20,000 lists are available in just the US and Canada alone!).

We can find IT Directors, Engineers, Software Developers, C-level executives, Doctors, Lawyers. On the consumer side we can find Homeowners by many different income and interest levels...and so much more!

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Direct Channel is more than a List Broker. We are your marketing partner. Ask about our ad placement services, multi-channel marketing, and check out just some of our services below to find out more about us, our partners and our corporate goal to help you maximize your marketing dollars.

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Your Strategic Partner

We Find Customers & We turn Prospects Into Customers


It all starts with the customer. Before you have customers, you have prospects. We specialize in researching and finding your prospects with Email, Phone, Postal and PR Lists. These lists are not off-the shelf,


White Papers – We write them, we post them, we work with you to develop this content to other sites where you can post them. Our specialties are IT and Healthcare.


Done right, Press Releases are a great marketing tool. Part of the process is finding the right list of editors, reporters, bloggers and influencers you want to target.


Email Marketing is 50% message and 100% list. You can have the best message in the world, but if your target is off, you'll never hit the market.

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234 West Center Street
West Bridgewater, MA 02379

Call: 508-588-4448

Fax: 508-588-4644

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