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Why Use Us?

Direct Channel is more than a List Broker. We are your marketing partner. Ask about our ad placement services, multi-channel marketing, and check out just some of our services below to find out more about us, our partners and our corporate goal to help you maximize your marketing dollars.

Obviously you could go to any number of companies and purchase any of the services listed below individually. However as an Agency and Broker we offer several advantages –

  1. Lists. One Source for your email, phone or postal lists. One source for your email advertising – including email lists and email newsletter advertising.
  2. Time. We save plenty of it And that equals money. We can save you a lot of this precious commodity because we find the list – with over 20-years experience we know the wheat from the chafe. All the ordering, the pricing, the paperwork – you just deal with one source – us.
  3. Money. If we order a list or place an email insertion in a newsletter – we do not charge extra for the list or the insertion services. Some of the creative listed below may be extra and if so we will let you know up front. Otherwise we charge whatever the publisher would charge you for a list or a newsletter insertion.
  4. We’re on your side. Very important. There are a lot of list companies out there selling different lists. They want to sell, we want to buy. We’re on your side, we work for you, not them.
  5. Experience. We know the list business. We know what lists work and why. We can explain the subtle differences between lists. We’ll steer you in the right direction. And since we run our own business by Direct Marketing, we know a little bit about the subject. And we don’t mind sharing.
  6. Call, email – talk to us about your customer profile. Who are you trying to reach and how. Let us match and beat your expectations. It doesn’t cost to ask.

Other Advantages and Services Offered by Direct Channel

  1. Ad Placement – complement your email, direct mail or telemarketing with our ad placement services. We find the right email newsletter or other advertising vehicle to complement your list buy.
  2. Email Append Service – Available for both Consumer and Business to Business files. You’ve built a database of your customers, and want to start to communicate with them via email, but you don’t have their email address. DCI append will allow you to build your online customer database by giving you your customer’s most current email address.
  3. Data Append- did you want to take your list and append – email, postal and phone data to it? Clean up your file? We have our time-tested vendors ( you can spend a lot of time and money dealing with the wrong vendors) who can take your information and add essential data: SIC codes, emp size, phone numbers – to your customer or prospect list.
  4. Reverse Append. Works if you only have an email address. We take the email address and add all of the physical information like name, address, etc. that allows you to more effectively target your prospects.
  5. Hosting – need your email blast hosted? Need your rough email material drawn into a cohesive whole? Talk to us, explain your needs and we can often help.
  6. Build a List. Micro Advertising. We can take your data and enhance the info thru telemarketing, email advertising, email appending. We can do a very tight market focus. We can create value by setting up a 1-time or continuous lead stream. Talk to us about taking your old data, your used data and creating something of value.
  7. Creative. Need a website boost? Need pr services? Need printing? Need Design Work? Talk to us and our affiliated vendors. Our customers get our undivided attention. Take that as an invitation to call.
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